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SFFN takes out far-right Fake News site Voice of Europe.


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When it comes to fighting Fake News, there are no medals for taking part. Here are some of the brands that have taken action to stop funding Fake News as a result of our campaigning.

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Here's what people have been saying about us in the news (as in, the *real* news.)

"Google kicked Zero Hedge off its ad platform and warned The Federalist"

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"Parliament 'funding hate' with adverts on right-wing news site, says MP"

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"The campaign to boycott extremists who peddle Fake News"

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Our fight against Fake News is starting to turn the tide

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"Stop Funding Fake News in talks with media agencies to demonetise disinformation sites"

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"Google and Facebook are cracking down on the far right"

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"Doing the job that Google should have done in the first place"

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"Business school pull their ads from Fake News sites"

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"Tom Stoppard play boycotts 'anti-Jewish propaganda' news site" 

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"Suspended MP Chris Williamson defends pro-Corbyn hyper-partisan The Canary, attacking 'sinister' bid to close it"

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"Views on NBC, Free Speech and The Federalist"

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"Google profits from anti-vaxxers"

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"Facebook boycott leaders slam Zuckerberg after meeting"

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"Pro-Corbyn website The Canary blasts 'Political Zionists' after it's forced to downsize"

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"The Canary blames attacks by 'Political Zionists' as cuts fall"

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"SFFN uses a shoestring budget to put pressure on advertisers to distance themselves from Fake News outlets to extraordinary effect"

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