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Find out why placing your ads on fake news sites like Westmonster, The Canary, Politicalite, Rebel Media, TR News and Evolve Politics funds fake news and hurts our democracy and society.

People Don’t Trust Fake News

Fake news is big news these days. Over half of British adults say they actively worry about fake news. There is huge scrutiny of the “fake news” infrastructure by legislators, the Government, the media and consumer-activists. Part of that infrastructure is highly partisan, hate-filled sites that systematically present conspiracy theories and untruths as facts.

A number of “fake news” sites fund their activities through carrying advertising, often for big brands. They use clickbait headlines and social media to draw people into their content, which is monetised using big intermediary platforms like Google’s advertising service. Stop Funding Fake News operates simply by informing big brands that their adverts are appearing on these sites and therefore funding their activities.

The truth is that most of the clicks generated for these sites are for the worst of their output. Adverts are being served up alongside conspiracies, illiberalism, lies, racism and misogyny, which sadly is what generates most controversy. That's not good for your brand which will be associated with those negative sentiments in readers' minds. Likewise, advertising agencies which place their clients’ adverts next to offensive and dishonest content risk doing damage to their brands. Just as most agencies would never embarrass their clients by purchasing advertising space in an offensive magazine, they shouldn’t do it on fake news websites.

Furthermore, we will continue to highlight the presence of brands’ advertising on “fake news” sites. Not taking action is no longer an option - as digital ad buyers around the world are realising, there is a social and commercial cost to advertising on “fake news” sites.


How To Protect Your Brand and Do The Right Thing

You have the power to do something about this.

Your digital advertising manager should be able to immediately blacklist these sites from carrying your adverts. If you need more advice, please get in touch with us at We’ve provided an example of how to blacklist websites on Google Adwords below to show you how simple it is.

Once you’ve blacklisted these sites, email us and we’ll add you to our Ethical Advertisers’ list, which highlights companies defending the truth against fake news. 


How To Block Your Adverts From Fake News Sites

  1.  Sign into your AdWords account.

  2. In the lower right-hand corner, click ‘Shared Library.’

  3. In the left-hand navigation, click ‘Campaign placement exclusions.’

  4. If you do not already have a list of placements applied to your campaigns, click ‘+List.’

  5. Enter the website you want to exclude your ads from serving on (e.g. Then click ‘Save.’

  6. To apply the exclusion list to your ad campaigns,click the checkbox to the left of the list.

  7. Click ‘Apply to campaigns.’

  8. Search for your campaigns and move them to ‘Selected campaigns’ by clicking the two right-facing arrows. Finally, click ‘Save.’