By blacklisting these COVID-19 Fake News sites from your advertising preferences, you can reduce their income and in turn reduce their impact. Clicks from these sites aren't just a waste of money – you won't find many good customers on these sites – but by taking action you're playing a vital role in pushing back against the spread of misinformation and, in turn, the spread of the virus.

We've identified five GoogleAds-funded Fake News sites that we hope you will blacklist as they are doing some of the worst damage when it comes to spreading COVID-19 misinformation. They are:

1. Zero Hedge (No longer receiving ads thanks to this campaign)

2. G News

3. Waking Times

4. Great Game India

5. Global Research

6. Voice of Europe


Thanks to all the brands who have taken part in the #LiesCostLives campaign:

From 4th May 2020, Stop Funding Fake News has been a project of the Center For Countering Digital Hate. Company Number: 11633127. Registered Address: Langley House, Park Road, East Finchley, London, United Kingdom, N2 8EY. Privacy Notice.

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