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Read our 5-minute briefing on the Fake News industry and some of its biggest players.



You can defend democracy from the comfort of your sofa. Here's how: 

1. Follow us on Twitter (@SFFakeNews): It takes two seconds and makes a huge difference. The more people following us, the more the brands will sit up and listen.

2. Retweet, be a hero: If you see us calling on brands to take action, a simple retweet, quote tweet or reply will go a long way in showing the brand how many people care. 

3. DIY activism: Because of the way programmatic advertising works, we all see different adverts when we visit Fake News sites. Take a look at our easy steps below to see how to call on brands to Stop Funding Fake News yourself.

If you want to dive deeper into the forces behind the rise of Fake News, take a look at our briefing.



(1) Be polite but firm. Ask the brand if they know they are advertising on a Fake News site and ask them to stop. 

(2) Attach a screenshot of the advert for visual proof.

(3) Make sure you tag @SFFakeNews so we can amplify your Tweet and give your call to action the greatest change of success.

An example:

Hi @BrandHandle,  you may not realise it but your adverts are helping to fund toxic fake news site [Site Name].

Please pull your adverts, and let @SFFakeNews know.

[Link to our advertiser page]

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