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I Am An Activist 

You can help right now by telling advertisers you see on these sites that by placing their ads on fake news sites like The Rebel Media, Westmonster, The Canary, Politicalite, TR News and Evolve Politics they’re funding “fake news” and hurting our democracy and society.


What Can I Do?

This campaign is powered by people. If lots of us contact brands, they will sit up and listen. It worked in America, where the Sleeping Giants campaign targeted advertisers on Steve Bannon’s alt-Right site, Breitbart News.

Our approach is to have lots of people tweet or email brands directly. There is a short guide below on best practice for contacting brands.

And don’t forget we can’t do this on our own, so get others to join in. Tell your friends and family about our campaign and guide them to this website.

Most importantly, it works!


Tweeting at Brands

Be polite but firm. Ask the brand if they know they are advertising on fake news sites and ask them to stop.

Attach a screenshot of an advert on the site as visual proof.

Make sure to tag @SFFakeNews in your tweet, so we can amplify your message.


Emailing Brands

Send an email to any advertiser you see advertising on fake news sites.

You should be able to find their marketing, media or PR department’s email address on their website. If you need help finding it, contact us at

We have a draft template you can use below but it’s best to personalise the email and make it your own, particularly if you have a personal story to tell. 


Email Template

Subject: Please Stop Funding Fake News

I am writing to request that you stop advertising with “fake news” sites which promote lies, conspiracy theories, misogyny and racial and religious intolerance. 

I am deeply concerned about the effect they are having on our society and our democracy.

Examples of these sites include:

  • Westmonster is a notorious right-wing site, which gives a regular platform to promote far-right figure Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) and his events, and rails against the centrality of George Soros to world events, an updated version of the antisemitic Rothschild trope.

  • Evolve Politics gives a platform to conspiracy theorists, 9/11 “truthers,” the claim that Israel was responsible for the Salisbury attack last year and that it secretly created ISIS. They also shared a video which attempts to deflect from the Nazis’ central role in the Holocaust; that video was also shared by neo-Nazi sites.

  • Politicalite also promotes Tommy Robinson and whips up public fear about “swarms” of migrants and the purported “Islamifaction” of Britain.

  • The Canary has published fake news stories which have resulted in the subjects of their articles receiving death threats, requiring police protection, and contributed to a “smear campaign” which saw a journalist arrested by an authoritarian foreign government. It also has a record of promoting antisemitism, including on one occasion publishing an article entitled “It is not antisemitic to compare Israel to Nazi Germany.” It features “journalists” like Steve Topple, who once wrote “Maybe most Jews [are] peaceful, but until they recognise and destroy their growing Zionist cancer they must be held responsible.”

  • The Rebel Media has employed far-right hate figures Katie Hopkins, who described migrants as “cockroaches” and called for gunboats to prevent them crossing the Mediterranean, and Tommy Robinson as contributors. The site’s founder, Ezra Levant, has been sued for defamation and found to hold “reckless disregard for the truth” and “took little or no responsibility for the accuracy” of The Rebel Media’s content.

  • TR News was set up by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) to promote his unsuccessful European election campaign. It publishes coverage of the far-right figure’s activity and anti-Muslim stories.

These sites are largely funded by advertising, including your own.

I know that much online advertising is automated and therefore you might not be aware that your adverts are appearing on “fake news” sites. However, now that you know, I hope that you will disassociate your brand from their hateful content by blacklisting them from your advertising. 

For more information on how to amend your advertising preferences, please visit

Thank you for taking the time to read my email.


Help Us Grow

We are activists doing what we can, with limited time and resources. We would love to create more content, including video content, and get more people involved in the fight against fake news.

If you believe in our campaign, please help us grow by donating via GoFundMe

And you can buy Stop Funding Fake News merchandise here. All goods are ethically sourced and profits go straight into helping get our message out.