Stop profiting from COVID Fake News.

The man who is swimming against the stre

In a pandemic, lies cost lives. 

False cures and conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic are spreading across the internet and on to millions of people's timelines through a network of fake news websites. This misinformation can make people distrust medical authorities and choose not to follow government guidance. 

These sites are making money thanks to the Google Ads network, and Google in turn is making money from every click through to this dangerous information.

The money these sites receive from Google allows them to publish more content that puts people in harm's way.

On 30 April, a Google exec appeared in front of a Parliamentary select committee and told MPs that Google "takes quick action" against sites "peddling misinformation". Over one month later, the same MPs asked a representative from Google why action still hadn't been taken on fake news sites on their AdSense platform: and they didn't have an answer.

It’s time for them to act. We're calling on Google to pull their ads from 6 high-impact coronavirus conspiracy theory sites, which are bringing in a combined $5 million a year thanks to GoogleAds:

Please sign and share this petition – and tell Google that lies cost lives.